August 3, 2012

New Booka Shade is money !

July 31, 2012

Introducing Isaac Tichauer, our latest sword out in Sydney, Australia.

Over the past 6 months, he’s prepared for you his first ever original offering, Devotion.

It contains 9 tracks (1 hour & 13 seconds worth of listening) of ethereal, metaphysical, futuristic, classic, atmospheric, tribal & tropical house music.

The crusade against terrifyingly bad music knows no boundaries, even money itself, and will continue like so until our way reaches the four corners of the Earth.

Devotion, being our first full-length, aptly sums up who we are & where we are headed. That is why we’ve avoided pricing it — to have nothing hold back its flight.

Much admiration and respect for Isaac as he completes his ground shaking debut with your first listen; Devotion makes a bold statement and we’re proud to relay it.


Album download:

July 29, 2012

"Now the doctor came in stinking of gin 
And proceeded to lie on the table 
He said Rocky you met your match 
And Rocky said, doc it’s only a scratch 
And I’ll be better I’ll be better doc as soon as I am able”


Here are some sounds I have been listening to lately. Experiencing a glide away from the electronic beats for a minute. Fear Not! There are a few treats of that genre here. However, I have been really appreciating guitars, drums, bass and a voice.

                                                                                                                    Bon Apetit

Turn it up+Pass it on

This next track is slightly epileptic, but DHB does a good job of un-skrillexing.

Jury is still out on Felguk’s new cut…It’s feels too Jiggy/Chromeo infused.

c-90’s are spot fucking on time and time again. Hat’s off

This is beautiful. Such great memories of that view…. All of you wizards and warbeasts from Narnia - one love.

This is such a gem track. Amazing sound. Video is creeped out to the absolute max. I really love it.

Hope you have enjoyed the ride..

Turn it ^ pass it >

July 29, 2012

New Deadmau5 - Sounding quite nice..

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